Norinco CF98 New Vs Old!?

So the hottest weapon in the market these days is the Norinco CF98, it is considered an entry level Imported pistol which is actually amazing for it’s price. We’ve recently covered Norinco CF98 in a different blog and a YouTube Review from Imad Bhai.

But in today’s blog, we won’t be discussing the CF98 model since we’ve already covered that. Ever since we received the latest CF98 model our valued customers wanted to know the difference between the Older Model of the Norinco CF98 and the latest Model.

Now the major and probably the most important difference you will notice is the price, you can get the latest model for under Rs.100,000 (price subject to change) and for the older one it all comes down to the seller since it is no longer widely available but it could shoot your budget to around Rs.150,000 at least.

Overall the two are almost the same, the magazine is a bit different, the latest model is a bit better when it comes to quick reloading. The marking is updated since Norinco recently changed it’s logo and internally the pistol is exactly the same. When it comes to looks the latest model in my personal opinion looks better but then again that’s just my opinion. One other minor difference is that the latest model has a little better safety but to be honest that is it.

Norinco Cf98 Old Model Black

Okay so your final question would be what we would recommend you to go for and after some intense discussion in the office we came to the conclusion that the latest model is the better out of the two. Why? Well for starters it’s cheaper (Prices subject to change) and you’ll get a brand new unused pistol where as if you plan to get the older model you’ll most likely get a used model that too expensive. And in general everyone in the office thought that latest model felt better in hand.

I hope this blog helped in clearing out some confusion about the latest and the older model of the Norinco CF98. You can watch Imad bhai’s opinion as well down below. For more information feel free to visit our shop located in Saddar Karachi.

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